5 ways Live Shopping can Boost your Brand

Live video shopping – an emerging trend that combines live video streaming, with the ability to purchase products directly during a live shopping show without leaving that live environment. In this way, livestream ecommerce offers shoppers a more engaging experience than just clicking and filling a virtual shopping cart.

Live Shopping can be a beneficial means to boost your revenue and improve your brand image. Because live shopping shows happen in real-time, livestream shopping can humanize your brand and make your interaction with buyers more personal and engaging. Here are 5 ways live video shopping can boost your brand.

Behind the curtains

When you hear the word company culture, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably videos that are meant to make a company appear to be friendly and fun. Giving behind-the-scenes videos can help make your company culture appear to be more authentic and real. Audiences are always attracted when you show your raw side, unedited and unfiltered.

There are multiple ways to share behind the scenes glimpse, like taking your audiences on a quick office tour and introducing your team in action, showcasing your manufacturing process etc. This strategy definitely creates a more personable brand image which drives more customer attention and buzz.

Company Announcements
Livestream Shopping is an effective way to share your company announcements like you can host product launch live shopping shows, or you can host live shopping shows to announce organizational changes, or acquisitions. Live Video Shopping can also be a great platform for sharing company news.

Such direct face-to-face announcements make your customer feel like you care about them enough to speak to them directly, and since they are watching the announcement as it is happening, the excitement is now shared together.

Live Interviews

By hosting interviews with influential personalities like industry experts, celebrities, brand ambassadors etc you give your customers the chance to connect with such influential personalities on a personal level which creates a sense of connection and engagement with the overall brand as well.

You can choose a specific topic for each Q&A live shopping show, rather than only leaving questions to chance. Customers can post their questions via live chat which you can answer throughout a live shopping show.


Hosting a live giveaway or contest during a live shopping show is one of the impactful ways to generate buzz for your brand. There are multiple ways you can easily hold a giveaway. Enabling viewers to post comments or to shop at a particular time etc to win the giveaway can be some of the ways.

You can also let the audience tell your brand story or ask him trivia questions and allow them to participate in polls etc.

Influencer Takeovers

Collaborating with influencers for your live shopping show is another way to leverage live video shopping to boost your brand. Depending on your products or offerings and customers you are trying to capture, an influencer can be a blogger or someone who is an expert in your industry or a brand ambassador.

China showed compelling examples of promotion through influencer collaborations. Twelve million people watched as Kim Kardashian West opened a mah-jongg set on screen, displaying the domino-like tiles of the popular Chinese game. Because of this, alone, “she sold 150,000 bottles of the perfume in a matter of seconds.”

This depicts the power of influencer collaboration via live shopping.

Collaborating with influencers for live shopping shows is gaining huge popularity, particularly since influencer marketing allows brands to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Furthermore, influencers likely already know how to interact with audiences, so it saves your employees some stress if they don’t want to be on-camera.


Wrapping it Up

A live shopping platform has the potential of becoming a clear growth tool for almost any brand, as you will be better positioned to form those invaluable connections with your customers. If you know how to make use of the trend available, creating those connections could be easier than ever. Understanding why livestreaming matters could be crucial to improving your brand image. Live Shopping platform can be your one-stop solution that can help you reap the benefits of livestream e-commerce.

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