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CouchTuner: Best Movie Watch & You Need to Know About

  • CouchTuner is a great website to visit. Nowadays, everything has come to a halt because of new work and life culture. Everything has been made reachable through the home. You can stay at home and work. You can stay at home and enjoy yourself without having to go outside of functionality and Leisure.
  • You can catch up on movie theatres with different premium OTT platforms. You can also pay bills online. There is no single thing listed that you can’t do you stay at your house without an Internet connection.
  • The new digital era, which makes every possible thing accessible to your phones and laptops. It is also convenient but hectic at the same time. It is restless to work from home. People can’t differentiate between working hours. This Situation makes it very possible for a person to have less self-time.
  • It is necessary for today’s stressful life to spend some self-time relaxing your mind and body. Leisure time and self-care can be helpful for people to live a healthy life that is not stressful. Some people have hobbies, and most people like to watch movies.
  • To catch the latest updates and movies, one has to buy premium OTT platforms of various kinds. Nowadays, movies are easily accessible on these OTT platforms.
  • But there is one problem. You have to purchase different OTT platforms simultaneously to access all the latest movies releasing on each. It can cost you much more than a movie theatre, and these subscriptions on these platforms are available as monthly-basis.
  • Owning these platforms means that you have now purchased every movie available on this platform. It is not possible to watch every movie available on that platform. Hence, you are wasting out your money buying different OTP platforms for specific films that you will watch selectively in your leisure time.
  • There is a website that will provide you movies free of cost. You will be able to watch movies regardless of various platforms for free.
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What is CouchTuner?

 CouchTuner is an excellent website that will let you access premium movies and web series content or different OTT platforms for free. CouchTuner enables you to download Bollywood, Hollywood movies in high definition. The best thing about the website is it is highly accessible, and updates are quick. You will get the movie downloads within a week of the latest movie release. The website is popular and prominent among users who use torrents downloads instead of OTT platforms.

What is the new CouchTuner Website?

 The website began uploading in 2010, and recently it has made a new launch. You are introducing few features that are unique and different from other websites. CouchTuner updated website introduces no login feature. No login means you will have Direct Access to download. You can access the website without having to input any information about yourself. You will not require any ID to download your favorite movie. The website also worked on its traffic junky and sponsorship. You are making minimum ads on the website display so that it doesn’t irritate the users.

Best Couch Tuner Alternatives

 Alternative can be used when you can’t access CouchTuner and want something similar to it. These websites are other Torrent websites that work in similarities with CouchTuner.

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Here top three websites that are close to CouchTuner with easy access ability and fewer ads.

  1. Pirate Bay– This website is very accurate. It has various options and is entirely similar to CouchTuner. The movie collection of this website is used, and it has the most straightforward interface. Not only can you download movies but different kinds of audio, games, apk and much more.
  2. ExtraTorrent– It has the most extensive collection and has a vast database of various torrent downloads that makes it more unique and popular. You can use this website when you can’t access CouchTuner.
  3. Kickass Torrent– A popular name on the list of Torrent websites. You can surely use this as an alternative because it has friendly access and is user-based.

How does the CouchTuner work?

 CouchTuner has a vast database that stores movies and web series in HD quality. The website counterfeit the premium platforms enabling its users to access free movies and web series. It is a torrent download website. Hence, it works on torrent databases and guidelines. CouchTuner is similar to any Torrent website but better.

Is Couch Tuner Safe?

 The website and sure that it is safe to use but, you should use it at your own risk because torrent downloads are illegal.

It has a plus point that the website does not require any login or input of personal details buy the website still uses cookies and location. Be extra sure not to click upon any traffic junky to avoid spamming.

CouchTuner Not Working?

CouchTuner is not working because it has been banned from your server due to copyright and counterfeit issues. Torrent download websites steal premium content. Hence, the server and the government Ban it regularly to stop any loss of OTT platforms.

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 Is the Streaming done on CouchTuner is legal or not?

CouchTuner is an illegal website. Hence, everything done on the website is unlawful. The download and the streaming both are provided with counterfeited or pirated versions of movies and web series which, makes it unauthenticated to download and stream movies.

 How to use CouchTuner website (CouchTuner 2.0)?

 CouchTuner is a very accessible website, and it is simple to download or stream the movie you want. Here are the steps you can follow to access any movie or web series you want from the website.

  1. Firstly you need to access the website that is updated. CouchTuner 2.0 is readily available. The details of the second updated website are listed on the first website too.
  2. As there is no login procedure, you can quickly get your favorite movies or web series from the search option on the website.
  3. Once you have searched for your favorite movie or web series, you need to look for the correct download link from the options provided.
  4. Many download links break because of heavy traffic or the servers have detected something wrong.
  5. Choosing the correct link to download the movie is essential, or you will not be able to access free movies or web series.
  6. You have selected the light link to download or stream the movie. Go on to that link and easily download by permitting third-party resources.

CouchTuner – FAQ

  1. Are there any other sites like CouchTuner for free?

Yes, there are many alternatives for free for CouchTuner.

  1. Why did have to be shut down?

It has to be shut down because of the regular strike of various premium platforms.

  1. How to find your favorite shows on CouchTuner?

The process is straightforward. You have to search for your favorite web series in the search bar, and you will get the results and link related to it.

  1. Do you need a VPN to use CouchTuner?

You can use VPN if the website is banned from your server to access the website.

  1. Do you need a subscription to use CouchTuner?

Users don’t need a subscription or login details to access the website as it is 100% free and anonymous.


 We are by no means on the website. We do not support torrent downloads. We hope that this article was helpful. This article was put up only for educational purposes.


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