Cybercrimes and Steps to Prevent

Cybercrimes and Steps to Prevent

  • There are many reasons behind the growth of cybercrimes and steps to prevent and control them. Cybercrimes have been reported by every sector of our society, from youngsters to old aged men. Cyber-attacks are not only against common people. Many attacks are also against businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, financial institutions, and even government agencies. In this article, I will discuss why I believe that we need a Cybercrimes and steps to prevent and control cyber crimes in our world.
  • Cybercrimes are like bomb threats to people. When a cyber-attack is launched, the whole world is affected. Cyber-attacks are like viruses and they spread from one computer to another, infecting other computers. In the recent years, many young hackers have got hold of these viruses and launch them successfully against corporations and government agencies.
  • A few years ago, it was easy for people to protect themselves. Most common programs were already developed and made available. So, people were able to stay protected from cybercrimes. But recently, some young people have started to develop malicious software that can be downloaded for free on the Internet. The programmers of these applications are not concerned about the cybercrimes they create since the programs do not belong to their businesses or governments.
  • As a result, the cybercrimes have grown rapidly in number. Some recent statistics show that there are already more than 500 million active websites on the Internet. Cyber-activity is happening in many sectors, including business, education, healthcare, finance, media, and online shopping.
  • In order to prevent and control the cybercrimes against children, a number of things have to be done. First, the parents should know that it is dangerous to allow their children to use the Internet unsupervised. Second, everyone should be knowledgeable about the harmful effects of cybercrimes. Children who have access to the Internet can be easily influenced to participate in these activities. Cybercrimes are not only limited to adults, but also to children. Therefore, every person should be informed about these issues.
  • There are many ways on how to keep children safe on the Internet. First, it is very important for the parents to monitor the activities of their children when they are on the Internet. This is because there are many cybercrimes that target children. Second, there are certain areas on the Internet that most kids will not explore such as chat rooms and adult oriented websites. It would be much better if you can screen your kids when they browse on the Internet.
  • Third, you can also teach your children not to give out personal information online because this is one of the easiest ways for them to be victimized by cyber criminals. Fourth, you should also inform your children to never reveal any of their personal information online. You can set up screens on your computer that will allow your children to browse only specific websites. Besides, you can install anti-virus software on your computer so that you can detect the files infected on your computer and then clean them up.
  • Fifth, it is very important for you to install strong passwords on your computer. Sixth, you can also make sure that your kids are not allowed to play games that require revealing too much information like their address and phone numbers. Lastly, you should know more about online safety so that you will know what are the necessary steps to prevent and fight cybercrimes and steps to prevent and fight cyberstalking.
  • One big reason for a lot of people to be victimized by cybercrimes is because of exposing their children in front of the television, computer, or any other electronic device. Children are easily influenced by what they see on TV and in videos. These are the things that your children are constantly exposed to. Thus, it is very important for you to control them in what they watch on TV and in what they are able to access online.
  • Another reason for this is the increase of sexual cybercrimes that involves children. The Internet can bring you all sorts of harmful and pornographic materials. This will eventually teach them the wrong things. Cyber criminals can use the Internet to contact your children and persuade them to participate in sexual activities. Thus, it is very important for you to monitor what your children are accessing online. You should know the common signs of problems like these.
  • If you have suspicions about someone that you have never met before, you need to do the necessary steps to prevent from any danger. Cyber crime can be very alarming especially if you cannot see what is happening online. It is also important to know the warning signs of this so that you will be able to do the right thing. Thus, you must always be careful in protecting your child from danger.
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