Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting

Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting

  • It is a growing concern that one of the most effective methods of dissuading cyberstalking and stalking is to warn the cyberstalker or cyberstalkers in advance. There are many ways that one can do this, such as through emails, instant messengers, voice mail and even text messages that are sent or received by the computer. One of the more effective methods is to use the internet, especially for younger children and teenagers, to track down the cyberstalkers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing this.
  • When ever possible, it is always best to make sure that you warn, or do a little spy work on any cyberstalker or stalkers that you come across. The worst thing you can say about any kind of cyberstalker is that they may be a danger to you, your family, your friends, your co-workers and yourself. Cyberstalking and stalking should not be taken lightly and when you spot something, do not be afraid to act immediately. There are many websites, which provide help and assistance for parents and teachers in monitoring cyberstalking and using that knowledge to help stop cyberstalking in progress.
  • Anytime you feel that your child, yourself or another child is being cyber stalked, you must take immediate action. All you need to do is to either dial the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) at (832) 652-4264 or call your local police department. There are many resources on the Internet, which include tips, information and resources to aid in the prevention of cyberstalking and harassing. These resources will assist you in taking immediate steps to warn, alert and protect your child from the cyberstalkers. There is always the option of turning over the case to the authorities for further investigation.
  • One way to keep track of your child’s online activity is to set up and maintain an online logbook. You can also keep track of chat conversations, email exchanges and photos. However, you have to be very careful while making these entries as they might be misinterpreted by your child. Keep the recording made of your computer’s desktop as well as any other computer in your office.
  • Another important issue that most parents need to know is to be on their toes while computer shopping. It is important that the computer is always unoccupied. This will prevent your child from getting access to passwords and other personal information, which can be used to track down the parents. Always use the parental controls available with the computer to make sure that no one is accessing the computer other than you, your child, or authorized adults. When you are shopping for a computer, you should buy one that has a security guard installed. This will help you block unwanted intruders.
  • There are several companies that offer a child monitoring software that can help parents keep an eye on their children when they are on the internet. These monitoring software works both ways. It not only blocks strangers on the internet, it can also be used to view the sites and activities of the child.
  • In addition, many companies allow parents to track their child’s activity online using an email address. This means that if you are looking to hire a private detective to track your child’s online activity, you can simply give this email address to the private detective. The detective will use this email address to look up the activity of your child on the internet and if anything suspicious comes up, he will be able to contact you or your child directly.
  • Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting do require parents to be very careful. Children are much smarter than we think and they can easily get themselves into trouble. They can use the computer and the internet to make trouble for other kids. Parents must be vigilant and constantly be thinking of what their child is doing on the internet and who they may be interacting with. Being proactive is the best way to keep your children safe.
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