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The Best Cybersecurity Checklist For Freelancers and Remote Workers

The Best Cybersecurity Checklist For Freelancers and Remote Workers

A cybersecurity checklist for freelancers and remote workers is a basic tool, every business needs to stay on top of the latest threats. Today’s businesses must do more than take an online safety course and learn to install anti-virus software. They must be proactive in learning about the latest developments in the field of information security, devising effective ways to combat them, and then implementing them. A checklist for freelancers and remote workers helps them do that.

Today’s business world is more connected than ever. It is true that most people work from home, but even those that work from a traditional office building are connecting to everything through their cell phones. Even if they aren’t using their personal computers at home, they are still susceptible to cyber threats. Hackers and malware can infiltrate your company’s computer systems and steal information that could put your employees’ job at risk.

For freelancers working from home, there are some basic steps they can take to protect themselves and their companies.  Any website that the freelancers access should have an effective firewall to protect against hackers. The same goes for any documents or data, the freelancers use to access company information.

Freelancers must avoid using their home computers and laptops for most work. Most of these devices will not be protected by firewalls, so they need to be used in a different way. Use an external laptop if possible or a coworker’s computer if one is available. This way, workers can still keep an eye on what they are doing online and avoid exposing their personal information to potential risk.

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