MBaaS - Mobile backend as a service

What is MBaaS – Mobile backend as a service and who uses it?

What is MBaaS?

What is MBaaS – Mobile backend as a service and who uses it? It is an innovative concept in the realm of enterprise solutions and has a lot of potential. The term is not very professional and has some negative connotations. It actually refers to applications that are based on mobile phones, which run on different operating systems. Nowadays, most organizations and enterprises use such technology for their back-end systems. They have a number of advantages.

Advantages of MBaaS :

Companies have started using these applications to manage their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. There is no need to use any database server for this purpose because everything is done on the smart phone platform. In fact, these applications can be used to access all the data in one’s phone and retrieve any information as and when required. Most importantly, they are completely scalable to suit the varying needs of an organization. They can easily be customized to include all the features one might require. Moreover, these applications can be used anywhere there is a cell phone signal.

The Mobile Backend as a Service or MBaaS as it is also known offers a cost effective solution to an enterprise looking to use this application for its CRM system. One can use the phone to access any part of the system through the mobile web portal. The main advantage is that one does not have to buy the license to use the application on one’s own smart phone.

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Instead of buying licenses and paying hefty charges, one can use the application from any location. Moreover, one can use it at any time to access the back-end services without restrictions. Such benefits make it a preferred choice of many firms who want to reduce their overheads and improve efficiency. These services can help in eliminating a number of business expenses and operational costs.

Companies that offer services related to MBaaS :

There are many companies that offer services related to MBaaS and the price charged depends on the features used. Some of the top players include Accenture, AIG, Bain, BCG, BMO, Brinks, CitiBank, Credit Suisse, Deltek, EY, GE Financial Services, Goldman Sachs, Hilton, Intuit, Japanese courier firm, McDonald’s, Microsoft, New York Stock Exchange, NorthPoint, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Quicken, Quest, Serach, Sun Microsystems, Synapse, Uproar and Unwired. Most of these companies offer custom-made solutions, which are priced in the range of $12 a month to thousands of dollars.

There are various ways of using the software. First and foremost, one can use it to access the back-end systems. Many times, one may want to update the database, which is done by updating the web interface and adding new links. One can even install custom applications such as currency converters, translators and news readers.

Designig platforms :

The latest software is designed for a variety of platforms including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows CE and other mobile phones. For this, one can use the SDK or the Software Development Kit offered by the company. It is very user friendly and a person with minimum technical knowledge can also develop their own application. The application can be used not only on the mobile platform but for access to business networks as well. Hence, this application can be used globally and one need not depend on any particular vendor.

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The development solutions provided by what is means – mobile web application development company are both effective and cost-effective. Some of the software developed by the firm have been used in various domains. Such as healthcare, finance, hospitality and education. The solutions offered by the firm are made in a manner that they can work on the device of choice. One can develop an iPhone app, a Windows mobile app, a BlackBerry app and a tablet PC app. Thus, what is mbaaS – mobile web applications are effective solutions which can be used globally and can work on any of the preferred mobile devices.

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