What is MBAAS – Mobile Backend Application?

What is MBAAS – Mobile Backend Application?

What is an MBaaS platform?

Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is an online service designed to be an all-in-one solution for backend app development. This typically includes data and database management, API management, security, and push notifications.

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is a cloud computing platform that provides predesigned and ready-to-use backend functionality via a customizable software development kit (SDK) or application programming interface (API).

Using an MBaaS platform, a team of engineers can easily enable desired features in your mobile application, bypassing development.

Benefits of MBaaS

  1. Saving you money and time.
  2. Mobile development team spends less time developing APIs, managing databases, managing servers, and can therefore spend more time developing new functionality and focusing on the user experience.

What is a Mobile Backend Application and how does it differ from a Software as a Service?

To understand the difference in between these two services, it is important to understand what is an MaaS and what is an SaaS.

Business owners looking to enhance the performance and efficiency of their business should definitely look for an expert in the mobile technology. Such developers can help the business owners to enhance their business by incorporating the latest technologies into their mobile application or mobile website and make them stand apart from the competition.

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These professionals help the organizations to create user-friendly and attractive mobile websites that can attract a large number of customers.

How to choose among mobile backend as a service providers

  • Secure storage of server-side code, files, databases, etc. in the cloud
  • Database architecture and transaction processing capabilities
  • APIs to connect your application to required cloud services
  • Ease of managing internal data and the availability of the correct processes, methods, and tools (PM&T) for this
  • Secure communication between users and servers
  • Quality of technical support
  • Ease of doing business with the provider

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