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Best Programming Languages for App Development

Best Programming Languages for App Development

Mobile web apps are a lightweight paradigm and it uses a certain browser in order to run and they are commonly written in CSS, JavaScript or HTML5. This allows users to access web apps from any device connected to the Internet.

Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps

Web apps need an active internet connection in order to run, whereas mobile apps may work offline. Mobile apps have the advantage of being faster and more efficient, but they do require the user to regularly download updates. Web apps will update themselves.

Mobile apps live and run on the device itself. Snapchat, Instagram, Google Maps and Facebook Messenger are some examples of popular mobile apps.

Best Programming Languages

  • Java

Java is the most widely used general-purpose programming language is definitely a plus point for react Native.

Features of Java

  • Open-source programming language and compatible with almost all the operating systems.
  • Affords systematic procedure for application development that ensures a better and cleaner code.


Python offers minimized lines of codes and numerous aspects which allow the developers to write complex programs with ease and provides a simplistic approach to create high-end mobile apps.

Features of Python

    • Python makes the code readable and flexible to suit the fluctuating customer requirements.
    • Support for multiple programming paradigms and it leverages to build even complex applications with ease.
    • Affords support for all popular architectures and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, NetBSD & OpenBSD.
    • Python, interactive language used to create scalable apps & supports GUI apps.
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Building mobile apps with JavaScript is quite easy and it is suitable for all platforms like Android & IOS.

Features of JavaScript

    • This app development language offers several high-end features with the aid of which you can build outstanding mobile apps.


C++ is an object-oriented language with generic & low-level memory manipulation features and it’s considered as the best programming language for mobile app development.

Features of C++

  • C++ which includes classes, inheritance, & data abstraction that allow code reusability & makes a program even more reliable.
  • It’s a multi-paradigm programming language which incorporates logic, structure, and procedure of the program.

The biggest advantage of using react native is that the code becomes more compact, as it supports the concept of separation logic.  Android has a number of additional features and offers developers a wider choice of technologies.

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