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Facial Recognition Technology in Smart Cities

Facial Recognition Technology in Smart Cities

Face detection is one of the predominant systems for security reason, video reconnaissance,
altruistic PC connection, and so forth

The future looks very bright for facial recognition technology in smart cities. Cities around the country are implementing this technology on a large scale, and businesses are jumping at the chance to use facial recognition to help their employees to streamline their work. Facial recognition software has the ability to identify individuals in crowds of people and then determine their identity. It allows for proper identification and reduces errors in scanning processes, such as double reading.

This reduces the time it takes for warehouse workers to identify stock and move them into storage. In the process, the accuracy of facial recognition technology improves, as does the company’s bottom line. In fact, some companies are investing millions of dollars into facial recognition technology for their technology centers.

How does facial recognition work?

It starts by using high-tech digital cameras to capture a photo of someone, then comparing that image to millions of others in the database.  When it’s time to create an image of a potential face, all the computers in the facial recognition center are collectively “tagging” that person. This saves the company a tremendous amount of time, and it reduces labor costs. Since facial recognition technology is always improving, it’s likely to become even more accurate, and thus reduce the amount of time that the warehouse has to spend moving stock.

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Face descriptor apparatus utilized for face acknowledgment with three perspectives as recognize a face to follow, distinguish facial element to track and track the face Feature extraction is dimensionality decrease system. This methodology is helpful when picture size is bigger. Fundamental point of highlight extraction
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for example, edge detection, corner detection of picture.

Benefit of facial recognition technology

  • Facial recognition technology is especially helpful in a smart city, where traffic can be a problem. When there is congestion, it’s often impossible to tell who is driving, or if anyone is sitting in a car.
  • Another benefit of facial recognition technology is that it makes it easier to do paperwork.
  •  it would allow companies to save money by not having to hire as many employees to perform the same tasks as they might with manual systems.
  • Facial recognition technology already has a large fan base. Many private citizens use such technology to keep up with their taxes.

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