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Custom-Made Curtains vs. Readymade Ones: Which Are Best?

Your windows are one of the most important features in your home when it comes to making a design statement. The right window treatments can make a room appear larger as well as complement the rest of the room or window itself.

For many people, creating a stylish home is a must and windows are a perfect place to start.

But with such a wide number of window treatments available it can be difficult to find what suits your home, preferences, and budget. While many homeowners enjoy the freedom of custom design to create a style that perfectly matches their needs, others may find what they want in ready-made curtains.

Here are a few factors to look out for when deciding between readymade and custom-made curtains in Toronto.

Which Should You Select: Custom-Made or Readymade Curtains?

This choice comes down to certain factors such as how soon you need them, what style you are searching for, the value you want for your money, as well as proper measurements.

1. How Fast Do You Need Them?

Homeowners who choose readymade curtains are drawn to their convenience. In most cases, they provide an easy solution to quickly change the look of a space. Custom-designed curtains on the other hand require time to complete once you’ve chosen your preferred style and fabric. But a few extra days will give you curtains that will perfectly fit your room.

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2. Can You Get The Look You Want?

Readymade curtains come in a wide variety of fabric types, colours, and designs. So, if you look far and wide, you may find the exact style you’re searching for. But if you have an unusual requirement, like a window seat, or your windows do not have standard width or height, then you will most likely run into problems.

While readymade curtains come in varying sizes, they mostly stick to a standard fit. This means narrower or wider windows will require alterations, thus compromising both the quality and design of the curtains.

If you’re after window coverings with a little more flair or more artistically draped, it will pay off if you choose custom window treatments like custom-made curtains. Decorations like valances, pelmets, tails, and tiebacks can also be added to your custom design for extra sophistication.

3. Are You Getting Value for Money?

Everyone wants the highest quality at the lowest price. Ready-made curtains are less expensive than custom-designed ones, since they’re produced in bulk, so if you’re on a tight budget then these are your best option. But, as with any mass-produced item, this may also mean a compromise on attention to detail as well as quality of material.

When choosing custom-designed curtains, you’re paying experts to create something unique for your home, using master craftsmanship and high-end design. The additional costs associated with custom-made curtains, however, are always worthwhile in the long run. Higher-quality fabrics and workmanship mean your curtains will stand the test of time. However readymade ones will usually fade quicker, so will need more regular replacement.

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4. Are The Measurements Precise?

Readymade curtains are produced to fit the most popular window sizes and shapes. But if your windows are a few inches wider or a foot higher off the ground than normal windows, bring their measurements along when you’re shopping.

In the case of custom-made curtains, the designers will usually come to your home to take measurements. This means you will get optimum privacy, with no light escaping into your room from unwanted gaps between curtains.

Generally speaking, readymade curtains may be convenient if your budget is limited and you’re in a hurry to get something immediately, with less emphasis on perfectly matching your furnishings or choosing something that will last a long time. If you’d prefer to spend a little more time and money to find something that will last longer and be unique, then custom-made curtains are ideal for your Toronto home.

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