Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology in Smart Cities

  • Facial recognition technology has been around for a long time, but it has only recently started to really take off. There are now many different places where facial recognition technology can be used. This includes not only at airports but also toll booths, at-marts, hospitals, fast food restaurants, and more. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing technology.
  • It seems like we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about facial recognition lately, especially when we hear about it on the news. Most recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (or FAA) actually considered using facial recognition technology to aid passengers at airports. The idea there would be to catch someone who fidgeted or swayed their head in their direction of boarding. This would prevent a huge number of mistakes made by misidentified passengers. While the idea is still just an idea, it is a good one that deserves further attention.
  • A couple of years back, Apple bought the company that created the Facedown technology, which uses face recognition technology. At the time, they called the system Face recognition and it has been gaining momentum ever since. The technology has caught on with other companies like Yahoo and Google. When these companies combine the ability to identify individuals through their facial recognition features, it gives everyone the potential to be safer in areas where human police are few and far between.
  • Some of the benefits that are coming from facial recognition technology in large cities are obvious. People will be recognized and given access to specific areas quicker and easier. This allows everyone to go through a store, building, school, hospital, or other location with little to no hassle. Even individuals going into a bank will be identified and given access to certain areas. This prevents anyone from simply walking right by a person without making any kind of gesture.
  • There are also potential lawsuits that can come from using facial recognition technology in large cities. For example, if an individual walks into a bank, looks around, and does not make any kind of motion that would set off an alarm, they may be accused of stealing money. If this is used in conjunction with fingerprint scanning, it can be incredibly useful. It means that even entering a building could potentially be automatically scanned and then give an authorized individual access without any kind of hassle.
  • Facial recognition is also great for giving security to properties. If a burglar is trying to break into a home, there may be several things that can help them out. If there are smoke detectors, cameras, and alarms, this can help give the police time to arrive before the burglar gets away. It can also help prevent harm from being done to the house. A simple facial recognition scan can give an individual authorized access to a secured area. This can eliminate the need for a guard to be on duty simply to oversee the area.
  • Facial recognition is also great for those who wish to be included in public places. Thanks to advances in technology, many stores are now able to use this technology to scan people who enter the building. This is done so that the store can identify people based on their appearance. It is especially important for senior citizens who tend to become disoriented quite often.
  • Facial recognition technology in smart cities is a good thing. This technology can help to prevent crime and allow people to get into areas that they are allowed to enter. It also reduces the need for guards at many establishments. However, facial recognition will only gain in popularity as time goes on and more people use it in different applications.
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