Internet Safety Tips For Parents

Internet Safety Tips For Parents

Protecting children from dangerous online media is one of the most important internet safety tips for parents. Unfortunately, too many children and teenagers spend an inordinate amount of time glued to computers, playing games, shopping online, chatting with friends, and otherwise enjoying an internet-based lifestyle that is very similar to that of a television program or video game. Unfortunately, too many young people find themselves prey to predatory predators who seek out vulnerable children to prey upon. When it comes to safeguarding your children, make sure you educate yourself on online safety as well as other ways to keep your children safe.

Teach your children not to share personal information such as their name, address, phone number, or date of birth. As much as possible, don’t involve them in any internet transactions that would require their personal information. If they want to check their email, give it to them. Or, instruct them not to visit any web site which has what could be considered harmful material, such as gambling sites, adult pages, or pornography websites. There are plenty of great online article resources available which teach parents how to guard their children against predators online.

Another one of the best internet safety tips for parents is to monitor activity on their children’s social networking accounts. Many teenagers and children enjoy the anonymity of social networking sites, and this allows them to meet people who share the same interests and hobbies as they do. However, just like online gaming, there are dangers which come with the territory. When your child goes to chat with a stranger, he or she should never provide personal information such as his or her address, phone number, or favorite food.

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Don’t be afraid to call the police when you are worried about your children’s online activity. Children often look to chat with friends while away from home, and sometimes predators prey on children who seem to be isolated. Always trust your gut instinct if you feel that something doesn’t feel right. If you feel as though your child is being bullied, do what you can to help.

One of the most common internet safety tips for parents concerns how children use their email account. Many children will use their accounts to contact people they have no connection with, or who they have no business meeting. It is not uncommon for an internet service provider to allow a “hide my email” feature when a child turns age ten. Just make sure that children know how to un-hidder their emails.

Online shopping is also very dangerous for children. It is important to teach children about shopping scams and other pitfalls before they begin. There are many websites which teach children about safe and illegal online shopping, and you can also watch your children closely when they are on the internet. It is also a good idea to talk to them about safe online shopping so that they can learn from experience how to avoid being scammed.

The internet safety tips for parents that deal with online predators should extend to websites children frequent. You should know the websites they frequent and block out websites they visit if you want your children to be safe. You should also be aware that predators have a particular method for hunting down and approaching children online. Many predators are becoming more brazen at the types of children they are targeting and you may need to become aware of that as well. If you can spot something out of the ordinary when it happens, you will know how to respond.

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You should be aware of chat rooms where you child might be able to contact someone they are not supposed to be. When your child is in the midst of something he or she may say or do something that makes you feel suspicious. To find out if your suspicions are true, you should tell your child to unplug the computer and take the computer home. This internet safety tips for parents is especially important if your child is chatting with an individual who is under the age of 16.

Top 10 Internet Safety Rules & What Not to Do Online

  • Keep Personal Information Professional and Limited
  • Keep Your Privacy Settings On
  • Practice Safe Browsing
  • Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Secure
  • Be Careful What You Download
  • Choose Strong Passwords
  • Make Online Purchases From Secure Sites
  • Be Careful What You Post.

What are some safety tips for parents?

Safety Tips for Parents
  • Talk to Your Children
  • Set Clear Rules and Limits for Your Children
  • Know the Warning Signs
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Parent; Know When to Intervene
  • Stay Involved in Your Child’s School.
  • Join Your PTA or a Violence Prevention Coalition.

How do I teach my child to be safe on the Internet?

Below are some general tips you can use when teaching your kids about online safety:
  1. Learn everything you can about the Internet
  2. Set standards for what your kids can and cannot do online.
  3. Teach your kids to keep personal information private.
  4. Teach your kids to use social networking sites safely.

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