Flying High: 5 of the Most Amazing Future Trends In Drone Technology

The beginning of the 21st century has seen advancements in technology that are rapidly changing our lives. In addition to virtual reality and social media, drone technology is also extremely important to our culture.

As the features in drones improve, self-operated drones become more feasible, and in general, we wind up with faster drones; drones are going to start impacting our everyday lives. But what aspects of our lives with new drone technology affect, exactly?

This article will walk you through some ways that drones can change our lives.

1. Delivery

This is one you’ve probably already heard about. Delivery jobs in the future might be handled by drones as the technology improves.

The most annoying part of ordering anything online is the handoff. Though everything can go extremely smoothly, human error can make it all fall apart at the last minute.

This is exactly the problem that delivery drones seek to address. Just imagine a world where you don’t even have to leave your apartment building to receive a package.

The beautiful thing about drones in the world of delivery is that they’re another case of technology improving to meet the demands of a shifting culture. Billions upon billions of people shop online — there’s no going back to the way we did things before.

Some people might worry that this will cause a loss of jobs. However, they should note that drone delivery is usually only used for last-mile delivery. Most likely, there will still be someone who drives a truck around deploying the drones.

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There will also most likely have to be customer service representatives specifically designed to make sure that people’s packages arrive without issue. Keep in mind that it will also be someone’s job to service the drones.

2. Disaster Relief

Drones can get expensive. However, they’re not as valuable as human life.

One of the key advantages of a drone is that it’s highly mobile without being living. This makes it perfect for disaster relief.

When disaster strikes, a drone can easily become one of the first ones on the scene, scoping out the area with a video camera to let the operators know what the damage is like. A drone can also bring useful supplies and messages to people who are trapped and in need.

The air-drop has already become well known as one of the most important parts of rescue missions. Just think of how much more accurate it would be if the goods could be brought directly to the site of the disaster.

If drone technology keeps increasing at the current rate, we may see drones that can support certain infrastructures. Whether we see damage as a result of a natural disaster or terrorist attack, a drone can help the building stay intact.

Drones are also being developed to help fight fires. In the case of a wildfire, you can see flames of towering heights. It’s virtually impossible for firefighters on the ground to assist with these fires, and firefighting helicopters have to get dangerously low.

Unmanned aircraft can be just what the world needs to power through these disasters.

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3. Home Video Recording

Home videos have become a staple of culture. Ever since the 90s with shows like Americans Funniest Home videos, we’ve become accustomed to recording ourselves.

It’s only gotten further with social media. There are close to 2 billion pictures taken every day. You can bet that the majority of these are posted on the internet.

Humans in the 21st century simply love to document themselves. Our lives are colorful and dynamic thanks to the influence of new technologies. So why not invent technologies that will help us live even more dynamic and colorful lives?

Drone products such as the DJI seek to do just that. They’re specifically designed to take pictures and videos of you and your friends, so none of you have to worry about being the cameraman when you’re having fun.

On top of that, think about all of the benefits that will arise out of having a personal photographer that can fly. You can be in the upcoming years, as products like this become more and more popular, high-angle photographs are going to become a lot more popular.

There are already some signature poses that we expect out of people taking photographs for the internet. But who knows the clever things people will come up with for their TikTok and Instagram profiles when they can have a picture taken of them from any angle?

4. Agriculture

Whoever said that the world of technology and the world of nature are at odds with each other? Developments in technology often lead to advancements in how we deal with nature.

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The height that drones can fly to is perfect for surveying crops and managing livestock. A farmer can keep track of all aspects of their farm at the same time.

But it doesn’t stop there. In the future, drones might even be able to water and fertilize crops themselves.

5. Security

It’s a very real possibility that drones can replace some of the in-person security guard patrols that you see. For obvious reasons, some people worry that this will take us into an authoritarian future.

However, look at them as just mobile security cameras. This will actually help improve safety. Rather than a security guard, who can misinterpret what happens, a security drone can record information for a group of people to review and come to a decision on.

Drone Technology is Important

As you can see, there are many ways that drone technology will affect our lives and futures. The worlds of package delivery, disaster relief, home video recording, agriculture, and security are extremely different, yet they can all benefit from the development of drones.

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