Wifi access has become so commonplace that many public places have networks and hotspots that you can connect to. But just because a network is available doesn’t mean it is secure. The information below will provide you, and the survivors you serve, with the tools needed to stay safe while using any WiFi network.
A Wifi Hotspot that you have control over has the potential to be just as secure as a wired connection. In order to achieve this level of security, take the following steps:
  • Use a Strong, Private Password
  • Adjust Security Settings
  • Set Up a Guest Network

Tips to Keep Your Data Safe on Public Wi-Fi

  1. Verify the Network; Configure and Turn off Sharing. Remember that hackers are very clever, so its better to surf and play smart
  2. Use a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most secure option to surf on public networks. …
  3. Use HTTPS
  4. Keep the Firewall Enabled
  5. Use Antivirus.