ServiceNow Integrates with Microsoft to Expedite Cybersecurity

In the hybrid workplace, businesses will benefit from the new ServiceNow and Microsoft interfaces by being more secure and resilient. The existing cooperation between ServiceNow and Microsoft has been strengthened with the announcement of additional strategic integrations to assist organizations in enhancing their cybersecurity operations. The announcement was made at Knowledge 2021, ServiceNow’s premier digital experience for its clients, partners, and developer community. Get this online ServiceNow Training course that will help you learn the ServiceNow ideas if you want to improve your professional abilities on the ServiceNow platform.

Among the new integrations with the ServiceNow Security Operations Solution Suite are Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint. The decision-making processes for security planning, management, and incident response will be improved thanks to these interfaces for security operations teams.

Gartner claims that as businesses adopt cloud services like SaaS and cloud infrastructure and platform services, as OT/industrial control system (ICS) systems become more networked, and as workers become more dispersed, “the threat and attack surface that Security Operations must manage will continue to grow.”

The Age of Hybrid Work

With more people working remotely, businesses and individuals must adapt to the new way of doing things, including where data is stored. Beaming, a specialised internet service provider, estimates that firms in the UK will see an average of 686,961 online intrusion attempts in 2020. In 2020, which is expected to be the busiest year ever for cyberattacks, there will be one attempted attack every 46 seconds.

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Almost 80% of Fortune 500 firms utilise ServiceNow’s “platform of platforms,” according to Lou Fiorello, general manager and vice president of security products at ServiceNow. Customers are becoming more aware of the benefits of utilising enterprise business context, automating workflows across the organisation in real-time, and completing security operations procedures on the platform.

You can read this article on ServiceNow certification to understand the different types of certification and the advantages of getting it certified if you want to learn more about accrediting the ServiceNow credentials. ServiceNow Security Operations has also announced the following Microsoft integrations:

  • In order to ensure communication transparency on significant security incidents, Microsoft Teams has integrated with Management of Major Security Incidents (a Response to Security Incidents with ServiceNow feature). This feature automates the creation of specialised Teams channels as well as the collaboration, sharing, and chat activity to the major security incident case record.
  • Management of Major Security Incidents and SharePoint Integration (a Response to Security Incidents with ServiceNow feature). It centralises the data gathered by teams in the wake of serious security incidents by automating the creation of SharePoint folder structures. The artefacts produced by the various incident response teams are gathered for inclusion in the case file for major security incidents.
  • Integration of ServiceNow’s vulnerability response with Microsoft Threat and Vulnerability Management. It aggregates asset data, vulnerabilities, and ideas by ranking vulnerabilities using an asset and business context and guiding remedial workflows. Remediation owners can use pre-populated solution details to take action on the biggest risk items, strengthening an organization’s security posture.
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In June 2021, the widespread availability of the Vulnerability Management & Microsoft Threat and Azure Sentinel integrations is anticipated. Limited availability of SharePoint interfaces and Microsoft Teams will begin in June 2021, with widespread availability following later in the year.

The potential impact on the cybersecurity landscape

In recent years, the cybersecurity landscape has become increasingly complex. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are more devices than ever before that are connected to the internet and vulnerable to attack. In addition, as businesses become more reliant on technology, they are also at risk of cyber attacks that could result in data breaches and loss of revenue.

The potential impact of a major cyber attack could be devastating for both businesses and individuals. A successful cyber attack could result in the loss of sensitive data, financial loss, and damage to reputation. In addition, a cyber attack could also lead to physical damage to infrastructure or even loss of life.

Given the potential consequences of a cyber attack, it is essential that businesses and individuals take steps to protect themselves.

How ServiceNow and Microsoft work together

ServiceNow and Microsoft have partnered to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution that helps organizations better manage their digital workflows. The partnership between these two industry leaders provides customers with a single platform to manage both their ServiceNow and Microsoft applications. This article will explore how the two companies work together to provide a seamless experience for customers.

The integration between ServiceNow and Microsoft provides customers with a number of benefits. First, it allows organizations to manage all of their digital workflows from a single platform. This not only saves time and money, but also reduces complexity and improves efficiency. Second, the integration provides customers with access to the latest features and capabilities from both ServiceNow and Microsoft. This ensures that organizations always have the most up-to-date tools at their disposal.

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The ServiceNow platform uses a variety of Microsoft integrations to boost security operations with incident and vulnerability responses, as was discussed in this article.

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