Risks Involved in Artificial Intelligence

Top 3 Risks Involved in Artificial Intelligence

  • In this piece I will briefly go through the Top 3 risks involved with Artificial Intelligence. In essence these are issues that are currently being discussed within the artificial intelligent community and more specifically Google, Apple and Amazon. These three companies have been involved in an immense war of words with each other. The outcome of their argument is that one company will control artificial intelligence while the other two companies will control the user interfaces to the artificial intelligent software. This has escalated into a full blown war of words that has left the two companies squaring off in a battle for supremacy in the technology world.
  • Google has been accused of trying to monopolize the artificial intelligence market by building websites like Google vs. Yahoo! Search. This has been labeled as a “Dawn of Machines” by Bill Gates, who is the co-founder of Microsoft. This was later followed by a lawsuit from Yahoo! | which later became part of Microsoft.
  • This has also prompted some to accuse Google of not giving enough information to its users regarding the way artificial intelligent software works. Google claims that it provides enough details to its users about how the system works. The problem with this stance is that there is no way that a company that does not give information on how its artificial intelligent system works can be called “leveraged”. Leverage simply means that the entity controlling that system has more power than its competitors. Hence, the power to control a leveraged entity is inherent in the nature of leveraged entities.
  • The other company that has been heavily involved in the war of words with Google is Amazon. Many people have accused Amazon of monopolizing the eBook market. Amazon is heavily involved in the manufacturing, distribution and selling of eBooks. On its part, Amazon has taken a stand that it will only sell eBooks from its own Kindle store. So basically, eBooks are still available from third parties but they have been given a place on the Kindle where only books can be read.
  • Another area of Artificial Intelligent Software involves the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or Darpa. Darpa is in charge of researching Artificial Intelligent computer systems to help the military fight terrorists. One of the areas in which Darpa is heavily involved is in defense robotic experimentation. In fact, many think that artificially intelligent systems will soon be controlling our armies.
  • Another area of Artificial Intelligent Software involves computer security. One major problem with computer security is making sure that hackers do not get into the computers that contain the artificial intelligent software that is so important to our national security. There are many new security measures being implemented that will attempt to prevent infiltration of these types of systems. Even though many of these new security measures are still in their early stages, we can expect many more coming down the pike as the years go by.
  • If you’re looking for ways to invest in the future of artificially intelligent software and robotic technologies then there’s no better time than now. Private investors, venture capitalists and even government agencies are jumping on the bandwagon with great excitement. The reasons for this are varied but one big reason is that artificial intelligent software and robotics technology will be key in the next generation of corporate leadership. It’s predicted that within 10 years all of the top leaders in business will be Artificial Intelligent computer systems.
  • Now that you’ve read this article you should have a good idea about what the top three risks involve with Artificial Intelligent Software and Robotic Technology. We as humans will have to deal with these issues in the future but it’s in all probability much less serious than the future of the human species. We’re already quite concerned with other forms of intelligent life such as bacteria and viruses. If you would like to take a risk and invest in the future of Artificial Intelligent Systems androids consider investing in a company that develops artificially intelligent software and robotic technologies today. You won’t regret it.
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