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Solar Shades vs. Roller Shades: Which Are Best?

Solar and roller shades appear similar. Both are simple sheets of material that cover your window, and the terms are often used interchangeably.

But they’re not the same.

The truth is that all solar shades are roller shades but not all roller shades are solar shades. In simple terms, solar shades are just a type of roller shade. Here is how to differentiate between them.

Differences Between Solar and Roller Shades

In many ways, roller and solar shades are alike. Their main difference is that roller shades are meant to block out the light while solar shades are made specifically to block UV rays. You can liven up your home with roller shades while using solar shades to keep your interior cool and UV safe.

Here’s what roller shades do.

1. They Control Sunlight Coming In : Roller shades are the best shades for your home or office because they allow four levels of sunlight into your home. You can go sheer, filter light, darken your room, or block out light entirely.

2. They Allow for Creativity : They are available in a wide array of colours, textures, and patterns to make a style statement.

3. They Can Be Personalized : Thinking about custom draperies? Roller shades can be your creative canvas. Make your own shade by selecting from different types of scalloped hems. You can make it unexpected, whimsical, and fun.

What do solar shades offer?

1. They Block UV Rays: UV rays can damage and fade your curtains, rugs, and furniture. Solar shades can prevent 99% of UV rays from entering your home. To reflect heat, go with lighter shades.

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2. They Provide a View Outside: Solar shades allow you to see outside while blocking harmful UV rays. Their see-through design lets you enjoy the view outside even when they are drawn close.

3. You Can Vary Their Openness: You can pick different levels of openness, ranging from 1% to 14%. All solar shades are see-through so will affect your privacy at night. If your lights are on, people will be able to see inside.

Your best option is to use them together. This gives you the advantage of both styles of shades and many options for light filtering, thus giving you various levels of exposure. You will certainly get a multitude of options from tops brands (such as Hunter Douglas, Kravet and Sun Glow) if you visit a reputable drapery store near you.

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