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Do you know which is the best stress reliever for us people? Without a second thought, we can say it’s ‘Movies’. It is one of the best forms of entertainment and usually relates the story to our surroundings. The better themes and new plots of upcoming films make us curious to know what the movie portrays? So you may think everyone who is extremely curious will make their way to theatres. No, not at all. Even though people are interested in movies, it doesn’t mean that they will watch films in theatres. The majority will do that, but as long as content protection is questioned in this digital era, we have other sources to watch newly released movies in almost all languages. So this article will take you to one such source “Movierulz”.  

What is Movierulz?

Movierulz is a website that provides you access to a hub of newly released films. They update it day by day and come up with different languages. But it’s not so easy to download movies from this site. You may think why? The answer is simple. It’s because Movierulz is illegal. Not only Movierulz, but many sites which provide you with the latest films are also illegal. Don’t get confused with Premium sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. They are legal content providers but Movierulz is never such a website. 

Why Movierulz?

As you all know, there are plenty of alternative ways to watch films without spending a single buck. Why choose Movierulz? Well, this article helps you to know all about the Movierulz website, Movierulz app, and how to download etc. 

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So why the Movierulz Website?

  • Movierulz provides the latest film within days of their release. 
  • This pirated site gives you access to almost all languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam etc.
  • The quality of the movies is exciting, as Movierulz provides it with high resolutions like 720p and 1080p.
  • The user-friendly design of the front end provides you with a search bar to search for your favourite one. 
  • It’s free of cost and variation of contents depending on regions.

How to download content from the Movierulz website?

As I already mentioned, It’s not so easy to download movies. It’s because the Indian government has banned these sites and they got thrown out from google. As a result, their existence is with the help of proxy links. We can access content with Utorrent or using a Virtual private network(VPN). 


Step1:-First download VPN software in your system

Step2:-Get awareness about the countries which do not have a ban on Movierulz.

Step3:-After VPN is installed, choose a network of a country that does not ban Movierulz 

Step4:-Now you can get access to the site by typing its URL and can search for your favourite one. 

Step5:-Search the movie and select the quality 

Step6:-Click on the download link.

Keep a smile…Your movie is on its way.

What is the Movierulz APK file?

As Movierulz is a pirated website, it doesn’t have a legal application that you can download from Playstore. The alternative way is to download APK files and install them. The latest version of this APK file is version 4 and is about 26 MB in size. Not only in Android and IOS, but it can also be used with Fire TV and Amazon Firestick. 


Step1:-You can Get it on

step2:-After clicking the above link, you get redirected to another page that shows ‘download now’.

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step3:-You need a version 5.35 android smartphone to get it completed. Now allow or modify the system settings to install files from unknown sources.

Step4:-Open the file from your phone’s downloads and proceed with the install.

Step5:- Finally, your App is ready to go.

Movierulz App on Smart Tv?

Yes, you can download the APK file on Android smart Tv too. 


Step1:First download puffin browser

Step2:-Modify TV settings to allow apps to install from unknown sources.

Step3:-Enter the URL of the app file in the puffin browser and wait to get downloaded.

Step4:- Allow necessary permissions and start enjoying Movierulz.

Movierulz New Links

Movierulz is not just one site, but it has a lot of new links and sites. After each ban, Movierulz managed to come up with new domains. Its provision to access unlimited films makes the site much popular, even though it’s illegal. Movierulz ms. Movierulz Pc, Movierulz pz, Movierulz in, Movierulz pe, Movierulz om, Movierulz Telugu, 3movierulz ws , are the popular and one family sites of Movierulz.

Best Alternatives For Movierulz

Who are the competitors of Movierulz? You may have interest to know about it because Movierulz is blocked in many countries. So knowing other sites helps you to access more films very easily. So here are the top sites to access the latest movies freely.

There are plenty of sites but here are the best ones, this list is a mix of legal and illegal sites.

Why Piracy Websites are popular?

India is one of the largest internet hubs in the world, It’s quite common to have larger illegal processes in the cyber world. As video streaming is the most traffic generating and popular in internet usage, the crimes and privacy of the content are also questioned. According to the statistics, by 2022, about 82% of global internet traffic will happen through video streaming(Cisco). So it’s clear that illegal streaming will also increase at a huge rate.

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Piracy sites got so popular due to their access to the latest movies which are free. 

From a viewer’s perspective, we can watch unlimited movies of much quality from our home. The long queues for tickets in theatres and hundreds of money for tickets make us think about illegal sites. The viewer never gets disappointed about his/her money lost, even if the film is not engaging.

From an uploader’s perspective, they got money and huge profit through these piracy sites. The main area is:-

3rd Party Ads:-

While watching movies on such sites, you may see many ads, which frustrate you. But we can’t do anything about it. Just watch the ads and skip them. These ads are the source of income. There are pop up ads and full-page ads which take place in between the films major parts. So that we will calmly watch it so that we can complete the film.

Some FAQs about Movierulz

  • Is it legal to download movies from Movierulz?

  Not at all, Movierulz, movierulz plz, 3movierulz, movierulz ms, 4movierulz, movierulz ht, movierulz pz, movierulz ps, movierulz wap, movierulz 3, 3movierulz plz, movierulz vc are the major sites from movierulz. The contents in movierulz are pirated and according to the law it is actually a cybercrime to upload pirated contents.

  • Why does the Indian government fail to stop piracy sites like Movierulz?

The main reason behind this is, these piracy sites have so many subdomains. Even though a site got blocked, they change their domain name and come up with a new domain. Moreover, if it is blocked from Google, there are many ways like VPN or proxy sites to access it. So it is challenging.

  • Why do Movierulz leak movies?

  It’s because of the huge popularity of movies and the revenue they made through leaking the movies. They make money through website ads, video ads etc.

  • Is Movierulz safe?

 Uploading movies or content is illegal, but there are not many issues with safety. The websites are virus free and safe to use. Also, the APK files are safe to install.  

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